The New 2009 - 2016 Stimulus Plan, Business Projects, Construction Proposals & Reorganization Policies

March 01, 2009

When ever a nation chooses to alter its fundamental principles; either willingly, through subtle deception or manipulative force; from within or without; that nation will lose its solid footing, its ability to progress, its strength, vitality and its ability to increase wealth. Freedom will turn into unwarranted restrictions; rights will turn into excessive limitations; privacy will diminish; while security fades, turning into irrational control and groundless restraint.

These united States of America have been given solid ground to grow upon, and reliable footing to expand. The sure foundation we have been given are revealed in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Though America is beginning to waver because of the various pressures at work to distort these sound and fundamental principles; we are still in range to correct these deviations before serious, long term injuries take permanent effect. The more we delay, the longer the healing process will take to mend. If we fail to respond soon, America will not be recognized as the shining beacon it once was.

The strategies within this document are for short, medium and long term objectives to get America back on course before we drift too far into treacherous storms and brutal, unforgiving territories.

Stating the Problems

To fix problems, they must be defined. Once defined, strategies are to be initiated to bring stability, security and sanity to those dysfunctional complications. What is contained hereafter are a list of problems; followed by numerous solutions that can put American Citizens and their country back on solid ground.


These and numerous other issues will be presented, along with realistic solutions. These are just a start on a direction that is vital to recover the extreme losses the American people have been dealt the last few years. Few solutions will come from government. The most meaningful solutions will come from the American Citizens.

Jobs Stimulus

110 Billion: Road and Bridge Construction and Upgrades
110 Billion: Water and Sewer Construction and Upgrades
40 Billion: Electric Grid, Gas Pipes and Power Plant Construction and Upgrades
15 Billion: Pure Water Projects
15 Billion: Desalination Refinement
10 Billion: Navigable Waterways and Dams
5 Billion: Aviation Improvements to assure safe travel.

These job stimulus dollar amounts are per year figures, for the next 6 years.
All construction is to start immediately where weather conditions permit.

Jobs and Energy

Home Owners
$6 Billion is to be made available for solar and/or geothermal installations for home owners (not for secondary properties). A 60% tax rebate is to be given on the end of the year tax statement for the cost and setup of the total cost of the purchase and installation. (Up to a $4000.00 tax rebate is to be given per home). 6 Billion is to be made available per year for 2009 and 2010.

6 Billion: Solar and/or geothermal for home owners (not for secondary properties). 60% tax rebate for the cost and setup; (Up to a $3000.00 tax rebate per home). 6 Billion Per year for 2011 and 2012.

6 Billion: Solar and/or geothermal for home owners (not for secondary properties). 60% tax rebate for the cost and setup; (Up to a $2000.00 tax rebate per home). 6 Billion Per year for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.

Small Business Owners

$6 Billion is to be made available for solar, windmill and/or geothermal setups (determined by local weather conditions) for Small Businesses. A 60% tax rebate is to be given on the end of the year tax statement for the cost and setup of the total cost of the purchase and installation. (Up to a $5,000.00 tax rebate is to be given per small business. These rebates are for those who own, or are buying their business and commercial property.) 6 Billion is to be made available per year for 2009 and 2010.

6 Billion: Solar, windmill and/or geothermal setups (determined by local weather conditions) for Small Businesses. 60% tax rebate for the cost and setup. (Up to a $4,000.00 tax rebate per small business. These rebates are for those who own, or are buying their business and commercial property.) 6 Billion Per year for 2011 and 2012.

6 Billion: Solar, windmill and/or geothermal setups (determined by local weather conditions) for Small Businesses. 60% tax rebate for the cost and setup. (Up to a $3,000.00 tax rebate per small business. These rebates are for those who own, or are buying their business and commercial property.) 6 Billion Per year for 2013 and 2014.

6 Billion: Solar, windmill and/or geothermal setups (determined by local weather conditions) for Small Businesses. 60% tax rebate for the cost and setup. (Up to a $2,000.00 tax rebate per small business. These rebates are for those who own, or are buying their business and commercial property.) 6 Billion Per year for 2015 and 2016.

Flat Interest Rate Loans

3% flat interest rate loans are to be made available for these solar, windmill and geothermal energy installations. Loan contracts can be up to 6 years in length.


$6 Billion: Solar and/or windmill setups (determined by local weather conditions) for the largest, most energy draining government buildings. 6 Billion Per year, for the next 8 years.

These steps will greatly reduce the amount of fossil fuel usage throughout America and our dependence on foreign energy fuels. Carbon taxation is unacceptable.

Immediate Tax Cuts Through 2011

Reduce all personal income tax rates by 15%.
Reduce small business income tax rates by 30%.
Reduce medium business income tax rates by 10%.
Reduce large business income tax rates by 5%.
Reduce payroll tax by 15%.
Maximum Capital Gains Tax of 8%.
Eliminate AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax).
Remove penalties from IRA and 401(k) early withdrawals starting from 2008.

Further Tax Cut Reductions for 2012 and beyond

Reduce all personal income tax rates by 15% permanently.
Reduce small business income tax rates by 15% permanently.
Reduce medium business income tax rates by 15% permanently.
Reduce large business income tax rates by 15% permanently.
Reduce payroll tax by 15% permanently.
Maximum Capital Gains Tax of 5% permanently.

How to Pay for Job Stimulus and Tax Cuts

  1. Reduce the size and scope of government.
  2. Implement ways to make government work smarter and more efficient, while getting back to the fundamental basics.
  3. Other programs and projects presented in this document.

To a significant degree, this financial crisis has been premeditated by certain special interests. A sizeable share of the blame is accredited to the negligence of government and the greed and carelessness of some in the banking and financial industry. A share of the blame is because of the complacency and inaction of Americans, in not demanding proper accountability from government. Failure to build up a reasonable savings account is also a factor for many of us. We all had a share in bringing about our current financial condition. Does anyone have a right to point their finger anywhere but at their own self?

Right now, there is no time to delay the absolute necessities to correct these economical issues with clear thinking and level heads. Careful, organized, steady, swift paced momentum is an absolute must to stop further damage.

Plans, Bills, Proposals and Policies made by government officials must be carefully scrutinized. Certain Bills and Policies are disrespectfully only given a day or two to review hundreds, or thousands of pages before a vote is taken. Some points in these documents attempted by politicians may have to be reversed if they infringe upon the laws of the land; or if they compromise the freedom and rights of the American people.

If proposed Bills and Policies are not given a minimum of 40 days before a vote is taken; the option of reversing some of the proposals within 40 days after a vote is to be provided. The entire documentation is to be placed on a website for the American people to review and comment for changes up to 40 days before the Bills and Policies are finalized. Government is to stop working behind the backs of the American people. The people must stand up and start saying no to government when they choose to overstep their Constitutional boundaries.

America – Not For Sale

It is not a time to put America up for sale to the highest bidders; not to international sovereign funds; not to any foreign interests, as most politicians have been and continue to promote.

America is to be made available to the American Citizens by downsizing its government and by making interest rates affordable. These two measures will free up money for:

Just as stock prices and home values have come down to incredible levels; so must interest rates on loans and assessed values on homes.

Home, Business, Student and Credit Card Loans for Immediate Stimulus

New Home Loans

3.0% interest rates for new home loans in 2009.
3.0% interest rates for new home loans in 2010.
3.5% interest rates for new home loans in 2011.
4.0% interest rates for new home loans in 2012.
4.5% interest rates for new home loans in 2013.
5.0% interest rates for new home loans in 2014.

Secondary Properties

3.5% interest rates for new secondary property home loans in 2009.
3.5% interest rates for new secondary property home loans in 2010.
4.0% interest rates for new secondary property home loans in 2011.
4.5% interest rates for new secondary property home loans in 2012.
5.0% interest rates for new secondary property home loans in 2013.
5.5% interest rates for new secondary property home loans in 2014.

Refinancing Homes

3.0% interest rates are to be made available for refinancing any existing primary home loan in 2009 - 2010.

3.5% interest rates are to be made available for refinancing any existing secondary property home loan in 2009 - 2010.

For mortgage loans that are in foreclosure because of individuals overextending themselves; they may have to forfeit their existing home, and purchase one they can afford.

Flat Fee

Small Business Loans

4.0% interest rates for new Small Business loans in 2009.
4.0% interest rates for new Small Business loans in 2010.
4.5% interest rates for new Small Business loans in 2011.
5.0% interest rates for new Small Business loans in 2012.
5.5% interest rates for new Small Business loans in 2013.
6.0% interest rates for new Small Business loans in 2014.

Small Business Refinance Loans

4.0% interest rates for refinancing existing Small Business loans in 2009 - 2011.

Small Business loans are not free-for-all loan opportunities. Loans are to be given only for business plans and operators that have true potential.

In reference to refinancing:

Credit Cards

Student Loans

If payments are not completed at the termination of the contract, other financing must be initiated and secured by the student. If they cannot get refinancing, they must work the loan off through community service at a rate of $10.00 per hour until refinancing is secured. The community service check will go directly to the loan provider. No interest or taxation will be charged during this period of payoff through community service.

All current school loans are to be rewritten according to this proposal at a cost of $300.00 paid by the student.

Home, Business and Student Loans

Some banks, financial institutions and other corporations do not belong in business; they have compromised the trust American Citizens placed in them.
For these loans programs, we must utilize loan providers that have proven track records of honest, responsible business practices.
Small local banks and credit unions are to be preferred, as well as larger financial institutions that have proven track records of reliable trust.

It is important to have affordable fixed interest rates for a length of time. The financial complications have taken a toll on all of America, and the whole world. We need an opportunity to pay off debt, build up savings accounts, invest in local small businesses, invest in alternative energy and invest in a stable stock market.

Having affordable fixed interest rates for the next few years will provide the necessary stability to get this nation back on track and also benefit the rest of the world. We simply have to all come together and make it work.

Unemployment, Welfare and Similar Tax Dollar Funded Assistance Programs

For individuals to receive tax-dollar funded income; community service is required in return as long as a person is receiving checks. Depending on a person’s ability, will determine what kind of work is required. Up to 8 hours are to be served for every $100.00 received. All other current obligations are still mandatory in reference to the various assistance programs.
Temporary jobs are becoming more common in the business world. These community service jobs will be set up in a similar fashion.

Welfare is not to completely support individuals that can work some type of employment.
For welfare recipients in the process of getting off of welfare; or are working to reduce their dependency on welfare; welfare checks are to reduce in correlation with net income earned from active employment – dollar for dollar.

Governmental and Federal Reserve Spending
Get these Out-of-Control Gorillas off our Backs

Oversized government and the Federal Reserve are required to get out of our wallets and purses, and off our backs; so we, the American Citizens, can get our nation back on track. The government in its current overweight condition; and the Fed Reserve are America’s biggest economic threats at this time because of the massive debt they are foolishly forcing upon the American people.

Governmental spending is to be cut across the board: local, state, national and federal.

Government is too big; too intrusive; too expensive; clearly too wasteful. The blatant irresponsibility, the flagrant hypocrisy and unashamed negligence must immediately cease among politicians, and through every governmental department, branch and agency. Professionalism and accountability is demanded from every government official – no excuses.

We have no right building a massive, unimaginable amount of debt to put on the backs of our children and grandchildren; nor do we have any right giving them a broken, rundown nation. It is long overdue to fulfill the tough decisions of accountability without delay.

It is obscene to be talking about trillions of dollars of debt as if in common conversation. It is obvious politicians have no clue or understanding on how much money that is. If they did, they would dread even imagining it in conversation or debate as debt owed.

Politicians will not be given any further leeway; they abused the generosity and patience of the American people beyond measure. Swift, determined and levelheaded conformity to decency, respect, principle and accountability based on the Constitution are fully required – anything less is not acceptable; nor will be tolerated. Noncompliant politicians and bureaucrats will be terminated from their position with no further compensation.

Investigations must be aggressively pursued to locate law breakers; regardless if they are government officials, CEOs or others in management positions in the public and private sectors.

It takes a while to turn a big ship around (the government); but when we all come together as American Citizens and push real hard; it will turn a whole lot faster and easier. We are left with no other option at this conjuncture.

Steps Necessary to Clean Up Government

  1. Eliminate all waste – get back to basic necessities only.
  2. Eliminate all non-essential roles, departments, agencies and positions throughout all government.
  3. Cut back all areas of government that can and must be trimmed.
  4. Necessary roles, departments and agencies that can be turned over to the private sector must be; either outright, or through limited and closely supervised lease agreements.

Necessary Steps to Curb Governmental Spending

Our Military

It is essential to deploy our military only when absolutely necessary according to the Constitution. We must bring at least 30% of our troops back home from the various bases throughout the world; while stateside and overseas military spending is reduced by a minimum of 35% over the next 4 years. Over the following 4 years, another 30% of our troops are to come home, with another reduction of military spending of 35% more. This refers to wasteful, careless spending. Necessary spending, as in assuring our troops are given whatever they need to fulfill their mission, and to assure them as much protection and safety as possible; this will not be compromised.

There is an incredible amount of talent and ability among our fellow Citizens in the military. We need them working with us to find ways to get America fiscally sound.

  1. All our troops and officers need to work together, and come up with new strategies to combat those who want to compromise the freedom and independence America defends according to the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
  2. Our troops can not be allowed to participate in battles that are not related to the safety of the American people.
  3. Our troops are not to be used against American Citizens.
  4. Foreign troops are not to be brought onto American soil to be used against the American people.

Our troops and officers must locate wasteful spending throughout the military complex. They must be able to report this waste without being labeled as whistleblowers, or blackballed as troublemakers. Waste and unreasonable spending will no longer be tolerated.

It is the responsibility and duty of every American Citizen to report unnecessary government tax dollar spending. It is up to the American people to see that individuals are commended for their concern, in speaking up in defense of the American tax payers.

Government and Business Relations

Some companies are too big and fail; they need to be replaced, or taken over by dependable, trustworthy management teams. This is not a time for government to step in and take control of publicly traded companies. Shareholders must step up and require the necessary changes needed in management; including the CEO, and also the placement of dependable, business intelligent members on the Board of Directors who will loyally work for the shareholders.

As for private companies; consumers need to do business with reputable and trustworthy companies. There is an incredible amount of waste taking place in large corporations. If companies are compromising your trust; stop doing business with them. If there are unfair private businesses, or businesses that are taking advantage of consumers; it is time for individuals to bring on the competition by starting new businesses. These are the ways a Free Enterprise System of commerce works for a free people.

Any American company, banks included; if they are no longer sustainable, and go into bankruptcy, sell off the pieces to other publicly traded American companies; to new American startup businesses; or existing American private businesses, but not to other companies that are already oversized.

In reference to incompetent banks; when we stop doing business with failure banks, the government and Federal Reserve might stop funneling trillions of our tax dollars in through their back doors. If not, we have no choice but to demand they stop.

Panic is not an option when the banking system has let us down. Business is to continue as usual while aggressive measures and arrangements are implemented to quickly fix the problems; no matter how severe. We must have intelligent individuals in key positions who can quickly fix complicated issues. We must remain level-headed at all times. The real problems begin when we emotionally lose it.

We can not panic; we must fix the problems, and continue on with our American Dream and experience.

One Point Must Never Be Forgotten

Government is supported by tax dollars; contributed by working American Citizens.

  1. The government works for the American Citizens.
  2. If government officials refuse to work for the absolute benefit of the American people, we must issue them their pink slips, and send them on their way with no further compensation.
  3. We must hire individuals for government positions through the voting process who are willing to properly fulfill their positions as public servants.
  4. Politicians who are no longer serving the best interests of the American people must be terminated. We can not allow self-serving control freaks in government.
  5. Bureaucrats in high ranking positions are to be considered being put in the voting process.

Out with the wasteful and careless; give opportunity to those worthy banks, businesses and individuals that have proven themselves trustworthy and dependable. Government is to stop confiscating our hard earned tax dollars and stop wasting them on:

  1. Destructive, criminal bailouts.
  2. Inefficient, negligent businesses.

Government can not be allowed to penalize individuals and businesses that live and work according to sound financial discipline; by funding those who are careless and negligent. That is not the American way of justice, or the proper use of sound, rational principles.

Tax Dollars Must Cease from the Following Programs

The Endowment of the Arts

The Arts is an industry of its own. The sale of the arts draws huge sums of income, and it is already offered in our schools. If the arts want more money, they need to find it from the business sector; those in its own industry, or from interested private Citizens.

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood needs to support itself. If they want more money, they need to solicit it from willing donors; not the general public through tax dollars.

American tax dollars are to stop supporting overseas programs; abortion being one of many.

No governmental funding can be allowed for ACORN, or any other business or form of outreach. If a program is a true benefit in all aspects; they should be able to find plenty of private funding.

American tax dollars are to stop supporting other countries; especially countries that have the capacity to support themselves.

The Founding Documents of America are perfectly clear when it comes to the responsibilities of its government. Politicians are swiftly taking us into some of the most unforgiving financial and policy storms that are becoming unmanageable, unimaginable, and decimating to the ongoing viability of this nation. Politicians need to be seriously reminded this nation belongs to the American people; not their self-serving interests, or their special interest relationships.

The plans of politicians and special interests are becoming more dangerous than all the tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts, fires and whiteout blizzards we have been dealing with for more than 200 years.

If politicians want to support certain projects, they need to dig into their own pockets and pay for them; we can no longer tolerate them digging into the pockets of the American Citizens to fund their own special interests and objectives. The American Citizens are to demand such abuses immediately cease.

Government increases taxes on us to decide how our personal money is to be spent when it comes to charitable causes. This leaves us with less money to decide for our own selves on how we want to disperse our money on charities, based on our own individual convictions. Government is not set up to be a charitable organization. It must immediately cease from such spending, and leave charity giving up to the individuals and businesses.

Any stateside and overseas charity funding is to come from private business, local organizations and private Citizens – not tax dollars through government spending.

These are just a few places where American tax dollars are to stop flowing. There are many, many more government funded programs that are unlawfully siphoning billions of dollars from the hard working American Citizens every year. This will no longer be tolerated.

Nonprofits – Not Tax dollars

It is one thing to help struggling nations gain proper footing. It is another to help nations that can clearly help themselves.

There is clearly and most certainly nothing wrong with assisting struggling people who lack fundamental daily necessities. But we are no good to ourselves; or anyone else when we are financially sinking through careless negligence and the greed of some.

Concerned individuals can start more nonprofit organizations with creative business plans to assist people in need here and abroad. Denominations can undoubtedly and most definitely do a lot more than what they are currently doing.

Where are the Mother Theresa organizations of our day? Wake up denominations throughout America! Did you forget the left arm of your mission? Are you serving the Creator God, or your own selves? Stop the hypocrisy, and answer your call.

No Caveman Mentality

Unions and Government


How to pay for them?

Brainstorming 101

Citizens within our communities are to volunteer their insight and know-how in these classes. After-school projects are to be made available.

Students are to find ways to start businesses in their local communities that have international reach; with an emphasis on manufacturing. Income generated by these businesses will be used to pay for school projects and maintenance. It is a Pay-as-you-go business platform.

Students that show expertise in certain skills and abilities are to lead out in management positions and all other positions made available through what these classes and businesses generate. The retired community is needed to participate in all these activities as much as possible. Their experiences, insight and wisdom can greatly benefit our young people.

Citizens within the communities can invest in the business proposals generated by the students. Students that come up with patented inventions will receive ongoing royalties of 1%.

Local Citizens in the communities are encouraged to work voluntarily in joint effort with students to get businesses up and running according to their expertise.

  1. All profits from the businesses generated through this program will go to support local school expenses.
  2. Students older than 15 can work part time at these businesses.
  3. Some students will be involved with the hiring process in these businesses.
  4. A board will be set up of both students and parents to assure funds are properly allocated for school projects.
  5. Projects will be voted by students and parents of the local schools.

Our students need to know and experience how business works; not just how to work for other people. This kind of on-the-job-training will stimulate our youth’s education, and make them ready to face the world they are entering.

These classes will start in Grade 4, and continue to college and university level. Class materials will be based according to age. Never underestimate our youth.
Business and invention need to be pursued as aggressively as sports activities have been the last few years in our schools. This will energize the much needed American spirit in our young people. It will give them a real, hands-on opportunity and experience to build their future.

Young growing minds need:

  1. Ethical development.
  2. Stimulating opportunities to increase mental acuity.
  3. Aggressive advancement opportunities to promote proper, constructive thought expansion.

The tv is not a place for developing minds; for the most part; current and upcoming digital programming is not a place for any sound, sane or independent thinking mind.

Book knowledge is essential. Book knowledge with hands-on experience is true and genuine education.

Public schools are to stop teaching and promoting special interest and other social issues. Social issues are for parents to teach their own children. Schools are to get our young people brain-ready for the business world.


The cost to tax payers for prisons must be reduced:

The figures located, is that it costs anywhere from $22,000 to $28,000 per year to house just one prisoner. These costs are not sustainable. It is time to look at alternative ways to pay for the cost of prisons or reduce accommodations.

It was recently reported that it costs well over 1 million dollars to carry out just one death sentence. Therefore, there can be no more than one appeal allowed per prisoner. If an appeal is justified, it must be completed within one year of the original sentence. It is rare for anyone to get a second chance at life; much less a third or fourth or more.

It is time for individuals to fully understand that crime is not the answer, or an acceptable form of life in America. Law enforcement and the judicial system can not at anytime compromise seeking the truth in every case; even if they find dirt or corruption in their own ranks.

We are to reinitiate the American Dream in America, not only because of the great opportunities it provides; but to hinder Americans from considering illegal activities to make money.

There are two routes that can be offered when it comes to paying for the prison system.

Option 1

Option 1 is to simply reduce the cost based on the percentages above, and provide true solitary confinement by supplying:

Option 2

The second option, which is more extensive, is as follows:

If inmates want to keep their current living arrangements, they will have to find ways to pay for it. They have until June of 2010 to come up with their plans, before reduction measures are initiated on January 1, 2011.

Following are suggestions for prisoners to consider:

Prisoners are to be given incentive to improve themselves by coming up with:

Other avenues to consider are the following:

What can you come up with by using your imagination, a pen, pencil and paper?
Do not just sit there; use your imagination, and go for it.

Non Profits and Public Websites

A website indexed by categories needs to be set up that will profile the talents and abilities of the prisoners. By this, individuals and businesses can see samples of work inmates can do. In turn, individuals and companies can sponsor a prisoner. Inmates can be assisted in obtaining basic tools for the trade. Individuals and businesses can hire prisoners to do work for them.

Non profit organizations can benefit these endeavors by setting up a website profiling inmates, along with their talents and abilities; to make these ideas become reality for the prisoners.

Individuals and companies that hire inmates to do work for them are to pay the going rate for the kind of work that is performed.

If inmates come up with ideas that have mass appeal, their prototype or model can be manufactured in mass quantities, and sold in the retail markets.

Inmates with substantial ideas that produce real money saving, cost cutting benefits in any area of American life, including business, are to be given more freedom within their prison facility. Some inmates are to be considered for early parole, and hired in their field of expertise. Of course, this is all based on if they are violent or nonviolent offenders; and if they are truly rehabilitated.

There is much talent among our prisoners; they have many abilities they are currently unaware of, as we all do. Inmates need to find and use their talents and abilities for the common good of society, and be compensated for it in some way.

Options for inmates nearing parole:

Rehabilitation, Growth and Opportunity

Prisoners need constructive opportunities for growth and to find inner values. Even though they are prisoners; many of them are still U.S. Citizens. They ought to be given incentive to support the common causes of our nation, instead of wasting away, and have America missing out on much needed talent and skill.

Nonviolent prisoners, who show they have reformed, need to get back into the community and become industrious Citizens. Instituting these measures will encourage many inmates to straighten out their lives, instead of costing Americans an astronomical amount of money every year.

Prisoners unwilling to participate in these restructuring activities will be put in the reduction plan immediately. A certain section or floor of the prison will be used to carry out the reduction plan.

Inmates are to live peaceably throughout their sentence; or live the rest of their judgment in solitary confinement like they have not yet experienced.

The costs of the entire prison system, including the expenses in carrying out a death sentence need to be opened to public comment until reasonable solutions can be obtained. It is important to get the perspectives of guards and inmates on these issues. It is sometimes surprising what ideas can come from unexpected places, like the inmates themselves.

Special Interests and their Concerns

If there are special interest groups that want to protest these actions within the prison system; then they can find ways to pay for the current costs in supporting the prisons. If they can not or will not come up with substantial alternatives; if all they want to do is just protest; simply pawning off the expenses on the American tax payers; then they need to mind their own business until they figure out meaningful ways to improve the system.

Who ever thinks prisoners should not have ways to pay for their own room and board ought to have their head examined.

Similar measures and ideas as mentioned in this section can also be used for people on welfare, and others who are getting tax payer money for support.

Illegal Alien Prisoners

Something must be done with the illegal aliens in our prisons. They came here illegally and committed crimes. And now we are expected to house them at the tax payer’s expense?

Our southern border should have been properly secured years ago. If it would have been, we would not have illegal aliens committing crimes against us. This subject needs to be opened up to public comment until reasonable solutions can be obtained.

It is time individuals realize crime is not an option in America; nor will it continue to cost law abiding citizens a lot of money to house prisoners.

Protect our Borders

The security of our borders is mandatory; especially our southern border. Our northern neighbors have been consistently trustworthy, and we can be very thankful to have such good neighbors up north.

Our southern border needs to be totally secured.

Illegal Aliens

If there are certain seasonal positions that need to be filled on American soil; trustworthy foreigners can obtain temporary working visas to fulfill those seasonal positions (typically agricultural). Nothing other than seasonal work is to be given them.

Seasonal positions are only to be given if there is a lack of American workers to do those jobs. No exceptions. Once the seasonal jobs are over; the companies that hired them are required to accommodate them reasonable transportation from where they came.

Other countries need to make their own country, employee friendly and small business oriented; we need to encourage them to do so, and share ideas that can benefit them.

Any other expenses and necessities are to come from contributions from local Citizens and the business sector. Immigrants must understand these circumstances before they come. If need be, they may have to stay at local rescue missions if other community support will not come through. This would be a good place for nonprofit organizations to step in.


Be very careful when politicians try shoving another Amnesty Bill or Immigration Act down our throats. For the last couple of years, certain politicians have been working very hard to see that foreigners gain more rights and access to tax dollars than the American Citizens could ever dream of getting. Such corrupt politicians need to be removed from office without delay. Depending on their proposals; they may be charged with criminal intent.


You used to be able to trade your paper money for gold or silver. The true value of the currency has been steadily diminishing ever since the gold and silver standards were strangely removed.

Money exchange as we now know it; is no more than digital entries in a ledger on computers. Our current money is nothing more than debt exchange; exchanging debt for debt; not value for value. The existing currency system survives on bubbles and bursting bubbles, and on ever increasing debt; these are the only ways this system can function. It also leads to an eventual bankrupt currency.

  1. Valueless currency.
  2. Thieves and corruption in high positions in the banking, financial and monetary systems.
  3. Oversized government.
  4. Out-of-control politicians.
  5. Special Interests.

These five are the main reasons America is in the economic bind we find ourselves today. It is essential to get back to a stable, value, mineral backed currency as quickly as possible, and make sure honest, dependable, level-headed individuals are in lead positions.

The Constitution states:

To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;

To provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States;

Based on those statements, what we are using for paper currency is a form of counterfeit money – our paper currency is not a value based currency. Counterfeiting is against the law. The Federal Reserve came up with, and controls this debt based substance they call money.

Why politicians turned our currency over to a private cartel, known as the Federal Reserve; a cartel that charges us interest to use our own money; a system of money that can only survive by increasing debt; there is no sound, rational or logical explanation for it. The only word that can be used to explain it is, swindled. The courts need to get to the bottom of this without delay.

When is Enough, Enough?

1. The American people are to demand government reclaim its lawful control of regulating the value of our currency with just weights and measures. 2. We are to demand that our currency be backed with precious metals as it was before. 3. No other known form of currency can mathematically and reasonably sustain itself. If there is; speak up so it can be researched and analyzed.



America waits in anticipation to see which way the new president is going to take the nation. What? When was it up to one person to dictate the direction of this nation? Are Americans that far out of touch with what America is all about?

This nation is: of, by and for the people. Politicians are here to serve the American people. The government is held in check and controlled by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Fellow Americans, we are responsible for taking care of our nation, our freedom and our rights.

We all have brains; it is time to turn off the tv, and start using them to get out of the mess we brought onto ourselves, through our complacent inaction and irresponsibility.

Getting Realistic

  1. The borrower will always be slave to the lender to some degree.
  2. The bigger the loan, the more restrictions you will have placed on you.
  3. The more debt you have, the less freedom you will be able to experience.

We are dealing with hard times; hard times call for serious, careful, well thought out responses and action. You cannot allow panic, desperation; reckless haste and carelessness cloud your thinking, as is taking place among the majority of our politicians.

Politicians are dumping our money into bottomless pits. It is as if our hard earned tax dollars are no more than their personal form of toilet paper; when you consider how carelessly they throw it around. They dump our money into large corporations that refuse to give an account of how it is spent; and they get away with it. And politicians want to give them more? What kinds of backroom shenanigans are really taking place?

Do you know how many hours the average wage earners have to work to come up with just 1 billion dollars of tax revenue (not trillion, but 1 billion)? When you throw tens of billions of dollars on the desks of corporations that have clearly showed themselves incompetent and negligent; do you really believe they are going to instantly gain intelligence in thrift, and be trusted with that kind of instant cash?

Being naïve is one thing; plain outright stupidity is totally something else. There are politicians, bureaucrats and CEOs that ought to be doing serious jail time.

It is like; the first $700 billion did not work out to well, folks; we will have to try it again; but this time we want to try it with around $800 billion more; and do not forget the eventual billions more for interest charges on that money. And since we are on a roll, there is another issue that will need a few hundred billion more. And, oh; I almost forgot; we also need a few hundred billion for… And… And… And…

This is not a time to practice Economics 101, politicians and bureaucrats!

Where does it stop, or at least slow down? Is this a race to see who can ring up the most debt in the shortest amount of time? Does the government have it in for the hard working Americans or what? Do policymakers in government hate America? Is that why they are working hard to destroy us through incomprehensible debt? Do they want us all to become slaves? What is really behind all this insanity and criminal activity?

It is time for politicians to “get it”, or get out of the way to make room for individuals that understand at least the basics of money, finances, economy, thrift, organization and responsibility.


The hypocrisy of politicians is horrendous. They slam and trash CEOs from banks, the auto industry and other industries on live tv; when they are even more mismanaged and incompetent than the ones they are often rightly accusing. They make it look like they are looking out for the American tax payers; when they are mainly serving their own egos and agenda, as they stumble in an attempt to look important.

  1. It is not a time for government to control American banks.
  2. It is not a time for government to control American businesses.
  3. It is not a time for government to control American lives.
  4. For the most part, government can not even control itself.

Ineffective politicians need to have their positions placed on the ballot, even if it is before the end of their term. When anyone in the business world gets fired, they might get a couple weeks notice. We can not afford much more leeway than that for inefficient politicians. The American people and the people around the world cannot afford American politicians who are unwilling, or incapable of fulfilling the duties of their positions.


When politicians come out with new bill proposals; the bills must stay within the boundaries of what it states it is for. Pork/pet projects added to the bill will not be tolerated.

If they have pet projects they think are worthy of tax dollar funding; they simply need to make a petition and see if the American people are willing to pay for it through the voting process. If it is voted down, the people who are for it will have to find their own way to fund it if it is that important to them; but not through tax dollars.

In the Balance

America is in an extremely volatile and pivotal point in life. We are either going to recover, and recover well; or we are all going down, which will be extremely more painful than what we have experienced so far.

  1. If we choose genuine recovery, there are definitely some mountains to climb.
  2. If we choose to go down, we may never get back what we have at stake.
  3. This is not some sporting event or Hollywood movie; the real life destiny of America and the American Citizens are on the line. It is time to snap out of it!

Every American Citizen must do all that is necessary for our common good; or we will lose more than we ever thought possible. We will regret it, when it will be too late for regrets. Future generations will abhor us. Is that how you want to be viewed in the eyes of future generations and recorded in history? You are deciding that right now.
All Americans must put aside our own special interests and petty complaints; we must get perfectly focused on the fundamental and crucial matters that are before us. Every American needs to pitch in and do their duty to keep America free – this is not a free ride.



It is important to know: When deceptive manipulators want to bring in controlling factors upon a people, they will stir up distraction issues. While the people are focusing on special interests or petty complaints, which are distraction issues; the manipulators are working behind closed doors; busily changing the direction of the people; through laws, policies, enactments and other harmful strategies that will eventually affect us in adverse ways.

If the people were aware of the things that are being pushed upon us behind our backs and in closed sessions, these manipulators know we would not tolerate it; they know we would stand up against such actions.

It is important to pay attention when distraction issues are taking place; even when some distraction issues have legitimate merit. If our media were doing their job, instead of chasing tabloid reporting; we would not be in the dark as we are on numerous and weighty issues concerning our times, conditions and the days ahead.

It is time for the media and individual journalists to redeem themselves, and get to the bottom of the corruption that is taking place inside of government, big banks and other big businesses and within the Federal Reserve.

Policies that have been taking the American people down, especially for the last 20 years; but as far back as the early 1960s; need to be deeply scrutinized, while corruption is uncovered with factually reporting.

Every one of us is responsible for the condition America is in. Every one of us has serious responsibilities to get America back on track. Many issues that are the personal responsibilities of the American people; have been pawned off onto politicians. This must stop, because politicians are clearly showing us they can not be trusted to make principled, competent decisions that have the best interests of all the American people at heart.

Downsizing and Cutbacks

America is a nation of intelligent and extremely capable people. You would not think so based on the general impression many politicians, bureaucrats and some CEOs are giving the world.

  1. Politicians, bureaucrats and certain CEOs say they do not have enough money to pay the bills.
  2. They say they are going broke.
  3. They say they need more money.

Are politicians and certain CEOs oblivious to the fact that the fundamental cure to financial difficulty is to downsize and cut back? The American people and most business owners have to make these same tough decisions, and frequently cut back to make ends meet.

It is an irrational mystery that politicians and certain CEOs think all they have to do is keep demanding more tax dollars as if we are nothing more than walking money machines at their disposal. Downsizing and cutting back seem to be a foreign language to many of them; they certainly do not practice what they expect from us.

Unions need to get more realistic as well. They too are partly responsible for many of our jobs going overseas because of their greed to get the most they could, instead of what was reasonable and fair. Whatever happened to sensible and prudent balance?

Politicians think they have been given authority to keep growing the government to a point where their right hand no longer knows what their left hand is doing. It is certainly one of the strangest phenomena in the story of human life.

Politicians, bureaucrats and certain CEOs are to reenter the real world and stop their bizarre and irresponsible mannerisms; they need to fully comprehend such actions will no longer be tolerated.

We must demand total accountability for all actions and inaction of every politician. They need to fully realize they will not get everything they say they want. We do not allow it with our children; we definitely can not allow it with our politicians.

If a politician can not or will not:

If politicians will not tend to the basic fundamentals of their positions, we can not and must not vote them into another term.

The pay scale, benefits, perks, pension, and other bonuses for politicians and leading bureaucrats are to be placed on the voting ballot: Do we want to pay them according to Plan A, B, or C? Politicians are to receive comparable medical, pay scales and benefits that the rest of the working class in management positions receive. Levels of accomplishment must be met for politicians to remain in office.

Politicians are not to receive any pension, retirement, perks, or other benefits unless they serve for a minimum of 24 years; that is a more common time frame when it comes to pensions. The president is the only exception. No government pension is to exceed $24,000.00 per year.

We have been dealing with numerous financial bubbles the last few years in various industries. The next bubble that is ready to burst is the government spending bubble; it is getting extremely ripe and ready to explode.

Those who serve in the military need proper and respectful compensation; especially the ones who served and are serving on the battle lines.


Campaigning as we know it is to immediately cease. The only ones that want the current form of campaigning to remain the same are the politicians, special interests and the media.

These reasons are not acceptable and will no longer be tolerated.


This is the only way we will be able to increase our chances of getting politicians that will not be “business as usual”; a chance to locate individuals that are more interested in America, than their own self-serving interests.

Political business-as-usual caused, and continues to cause many complications we face today. We need politicians with solid backbones in office who will stand for America and its long established values. Our politicians need to defend America and Americans as our troops defend us in times of war.

Bowing down and/or entertaining special interests will no longer be tolerated. Such actions call for immediate removal from office; possibly jail time. America was built on a republic form of government. Any deviation from this is a most grievous insult to the name of America, and also to the incredible amount of blood that has been shed to defend it. Offenders must be prosecuted.

To the republic, for which it stands… needs to be defended with all our might – no compromises.

When you swear to defend the Constitution, do exactly that, or stay out of politics. To work contrary to the Constitution and Bill of Rights that made America the best place to live on earth, is one of the worst offenses any American can bring against its own nation.

Full Disclosure

Though we have certain politicians who are trustworthy; there are too many who have broken their trust with the American people. Americans have every right to know if the people, special interests, or self-serving interests are being tended to by our politicians and bureaucrats.

In the beginning of this American republic, politicians were not interested in big salaries or pensions; nor were they given them. They were ecstatic they had an opportunity to live in a free independent nation:

Penalties were issued to anyone that tried to compromise the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Penalties need to be initiated again.

We need down-to-earth politicians, bureaucrats and business owners today that truly understand what it means to be an authentic, full hearted American patriot. This ought to be the goal of every American Citizen.

Governmental Expenses Made Public

A full disclosure website is to be made available showing all checks, balances and ledger entries for all governmental spending (local, state, national, federal) for their various agencies and departments. The only exception is U.S. security.

By this, the American people can rightfully see how their money is being spent; it can also give the various governmental departments and agencies an avenue for free analysis to see where wasteful or nonessential spending is taking place. No doubt, the American people will oblige the government with this service. After all, it is your money.

Think about it; who spends money without knowing how and where it is spent? When we give money to our children, we make sure we know what it will be used for. Contributing our hard earned money to government is no different. Since all governmental agencies use computers, there is no reason this website of accountability cannot be completed within two years.

Areas within government that require limited privacy; trusted American accountants are to be given access to investigate the books to see if tax dollars are being spent prudently. Within reasonable security measures, waste is to be reported on a public website. Where waste is found, it must be eliminated without delay.

Qualified independent American accounting contractors are to be given proper security clearances so they can access secured areas of government. They are to investigate for waste and other financial abuses. All waste and unconstitutional spending must be reported and immediately stopped.

Proven Trust

When it comes to politicians and bureaucrats explaining what they want to do; they often give no sound reasoning or sensible explanation; they simply say; it has to be done. Don’t ask questions.

What? This is my country too. I have every right to know. It is my money. Who do you think you are anyway? I am just as much an American Citizen as you.

Politicians need to be addressed with respect, just as they need to address us with respect; but the inflated titles politicians and bureaucrats have claimed for their own selves need to go away. “The Honorable”; “The Most Distinguished”. In America, they are equal Citizens. No wonder they have tendencies to get puffed up in themselves. Respect is essential; arrogance is intolerable.

Most government officials clearly reveal they lack proper management skills; or they do not care enough to stop wasteful spending at the tax payer’s expense. If any business conducted it self like the government has been doing; they would have been shut down; investigated, and many people in management would be fined and imprisoned.

Look at this next statement that came out the day before 9-11. Where did the money go?

When you have top government officials making statements as: “9/10/2001: Rumsfeld says $2.3 TRILLION Missing from Pentagon,” you know it is time for drastic measures. There is no excuse for such pathetic and egregious lack of accounting and accountability. Go to the following site for reference to this statement:

This kind of incompetence is criminal; a most horrible insult and abuse toward the hard working tax payers in our country, and those countries who the government gets loans from. It is beyond words.

The government’s abuse of money is far beyond having all the windows and doors to your house open, when it is 30 degrees below zero outside, and the heat is turned all the way up. You know how absurd that would be; but that kind of waste and senselessness has become common practice for politicians and other government officials. This is to come to an immediate halt!

It is time for the American people to snap out of it, and demand responsible performance and professionalism from the entire government immediately. If any government official does not abide by sound and fundamental ethics and forthright responsibility, they must be removed from their position without hesitation by the ones that voted them in.

  1. Politicians and bureaucrats are to quit their immature squabbling and power-trips.
  2. Politicians are to seriously work for the people who pay them well. Any self-serving politician or bureaucrat who caters to any special interest instead of the needs of the American people are to be removed from office and fined, and possibly do jail time.
  3. Politicians and bureaucrats need to understand what it means to be a servant to the American people.

It is absurd to have government meddling in the affairs of other countries, when they can not even get their own house in functional, respectable, fiscal order.

The upcoming census in America is to be conducted by an independent, neutral entity that will not favor one party over the other.

Elections need to expand from its controlled republican, democrat format, to other options. Since there has been no real difference between these two parties; it is time for them to get over their party mindset, and get back to work.

Privatize Governmental Programs that have no Constitutional Authority to be in Government

We the People of the united States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the united States of America.

The government is to return to the basics:

It is essential to privatize or eliminate current governmental programs and departments that are inconsistent with the Constitution – there are many.

There are foreign organizations and interests; some of them working within our own borders, that do not want America to prosper. These people strangely think we should not be a free and independent people. They want their freedom and rights, but they do not feel we, as individual American Citizens, should have our freedom and rights – such hypocrisy and foolish, arrogant nonsense.

What you have to be especially careful for, is they are exceptionally sly in their ways of accomplishing what they want. Fear, panic and intimidation are three characteristics to be aware of. Any rational, independent thinking mind would see them for what they really are. But because many of these connivers have convincing sales pitches, too many good hearted Americans listen to them with blind trust.

We have to wake up and realize what these control freaks are working extremely hard to force us into. We must be independent thinkers, and quit being swayed by main stream media and from other sources with plans that may sound good; but have no good intentions when it comes to your individual freedom, rights, common decency and your money.

Corruption, Greed and Pride

There are three destroyers that keep showing up, especially in difficult times: corruption, greed and pride.

Corruption: Some people want to gain as much as possible, as quickly as possible.

Greed: Certain individuals lack stability in who they are as a person. Because they are internally empty in many ways; they try to counter that by externally gaining as much as they can. It does not matter how much they gain. Because they are internally bankrupt, they are never able to obtain the satisfaction and contentment that comes with honesty, in giving a helping hand, and fulfilling a hard day’s work.

They keep searching for shortcuts to wealth and fame. If they find it, they are just as empty inside as they were before. Their conscience has become so seared, that they do not even care how many people they disadvantage in their quest for gain. When the heart is barren and dry, there is no rest or peace.

Pride: Some people think they are better than others.

While they raise their nose toward the sky:

Me, myself and I, are their words of exaltation. Thankfulness and appreciation are overridden by arrogance and conceit. It is just a matter of time before a seagull flies by and drops a load up their nose. Pride will only last so long; it is always followed by a fall; it is just a matter of time.

The Few

There are a few politicians who are standing up for what needs to be done in defense of the U. S. of A. Typically; the media gives these true patriots isolated coverage, if any; some will even disgracefully make fun of them.

Pink slips are to be handed out to any media outlet that have reporters and editors putting out rigged, doctored, or inaccurate stories for their personal benefit, or to benefit special interests. How can this be done? Stop reading or tuning in to their mind warping programming. Biased reporting is so nauseating.

Listen up media! Just stating the facts will do. If you do not know what the facts are; say so; and tell the story when you know what the truth is. Let the chips fall where they may.

Get Up

  1. True Americans must stand up for all the things that made America a great place to live.
  2. We are to stand with those who are working hard to defend our American heritage.
  3. Our children are counting on us to provide them a nation that is worthy of the struggles, hardships and sacrificed lives that made America what is has been.

Private Industry

The railway system needs to be restructured.
Limited tax incentives are to be given to accomplish this.
Public stock can be made available for this project.
Private loan contracts can be made with the American Citizens with set interest rates and payback timeframes.

An infrastructure needs to be set up offering alternative fuels for transportation.
Limited tax incentives are to be provided.
Public stock can be made available.
Private loan contracts can be made with the American Citizens with set interest rates and payback timeframes.

Clean Coal Technology with the same arrangements as above.
Desalination refinement with the same arrangements as above.
Building nuclear power plants with a safer alternative to uranium with the same arrangements as above.
Adult stem cell research with the same arrangements as above.

Fuels must be standardized nationwide to eliminate unnecessary costs and maintenance at fuel refineries.

Super Centers and Mega Stores

Mega stores, super centers and other chain businesses have crushed many of our small businesses. There are plans to correct this imbalance. In the meantime, it is essential to get back to your locally owned and operated community stores and support them; the ones that are left, anyway.

The Big 3 Automakers

If GM, Ford or Chrysler fail to use wise and necessary business sense, and go into bankruptcy; sell off the individual auto models to various American private and public firms, or to new American startup companies that want to purchase them. If it comes to that, gradual transition must be in place to assure stabilization in the rest of the industry.

Similar measures are to be taken for any oversized business that is incompetent to stay up with the ever changing business environment. Bailouts are not an option. If management cannot look forward and prepare for the future of their company; they need to get out of the way and let individuals who can, get to work. Employees need to get more involved with management when they begin to see careless negligence becoming common practice.

No Protectionism

Nothing in this document is geared to protectionism. It is essential to have open, fair and balanced trade with every other nation; but it is important to have a strong manufacturing, industrial, factory and services base in America. It is ludicrous to be dependent on other nations for much of our daily necessities. This is a disaster waiting to happen. This is causing heartache and trouble for our American families and way of life.

A nation will not survive on a services geared business environment without a strong, high quality manufacturing base. Just as there are many pieces to a puzzle; American enterprise needs the whole picture experience throughout our nation to remain financially sound.

Do you want an example of what a solid manufacturing, industrial and services base can do for a country? Look at the growth that has taken place in the various nations that we currently buy most of our products from. Look at the way they are building up their towns, cities and nations.

It has been said that America can not grow much more because we already have so much. These other countries that are just starting out have a lot of room to expand, but we are close to our limit.

What kind of odd babble is that? It makes no sense at all, and is completely erroneous.

That is like saying our brains and imaginations have reached their limits; we can no longer think for ourselves. How absurd and foolish; what utter nonsense. We are just warming up to what we have the capacity to accomplish among ourselves in America.

It is essential to trade between nations; but about two thirds of what we utilize in our own country needs to come from American enterprise; extracted from American soil, and produced and made by American Citizens.

There also needs to be a system in place where small businesses can compete in a global marketplace.

The issue of subsidies needs to be seriously addressed. Nations that subsidize certain products and want to trade at an international level must come under specific guidelines that will encourage balanced trade. This needs to be opened up to public discussion.


  1. We stood by and did nothing more than grumble while the American industrial and manufacturing bases were gutted out and moved to other nations.
  2. Americans lost millions of jobs; we continue to lose jobs.
  3. The more time that passes in this condition, the more our economic sanity and security worsen.

Other nations greatly benefit by having our jobs, businesses and money because of all the foreign purchases we have made over the last few decades. The money we have on loan from other nations is very small compared to what they gained from us.

Many countries now have a strong enough business base. They can progressively build their own economies if they are careful and pay attention to what they are doing. It is important they do not overextend themselves, overtax or shortchange their people, and that they trade fairly internationally.

It is important that their governments treat their people with respect and appreciation; to give them reasonable rights and freedom; a chance to grow as individuals.

What Do American Citizens Need to Do Now?

We have over 300 million Americans living in the U.S. Is what we are experiencing, a reflection of the summed up abilities and intelligence of this nation? Not a chance.

There are only 3 or 4 thousand individuals in leadership positions throughout our country that are steering America; all 300+ million of us, in a very strange, erratic, precarious, demoralizing and devastating direction.

These few include many politicians, quite a few bureaucrats; certain judges, various leaders of our schools, several CEOs and a few special interest groups. The other 300 million plus Americans need to:

  1. Get our own country back on track.
  2. Get our own people back to work.
  3. Get true American businesses flourishing again.
  4. Get our individual lives back on track.
  5. Remove those 3 to 4 thousand individuals from their current positions, and have them replaced with genuine American patriots.

It is time to locate those genuine American business owners that stayed up and running on American soil as long as they could to support our own economy; while so many companies were taking our jobs somewhere else. There is something in the works with that in mind.

It is time for politicians and big businesses to take the “For Sale” sign off of America. It is time for Americans to greatly increase locally owned and operated small businesses throughout our nation.

3rd World?

China and other countries that were considered 3rd world are growing exponentially. At the same time, the American debt keeps growing at alarming rates as our own communities deteriorate. American job losses are escalating like our generation has never experienced.

This is not complicated math. This is not balanced trade at work. The way the plunge is taking place on a worldwide scale; and how swiftly the deluge has occurred; it is clear this did not happen on its own or by chance.

Fear and Panic

Our economic complications did not just happen. The enormity and worldwide stretch of this economic upheaval was long in the works. People in authoritative positions knew and did not tell us.

Fear, panic and intimidation have been, and continue to be three of the most effective motivators and manipulators throughout world history. Why try something new, when you already have proven techniques? Fear, panic and intimidation have brought down numerous empires in the past; we can plainly see they are at work again. But now it has turned “Global”. And who is behind that?

Lying, cheating, stealing, inflicting pain and destruction are on the rise. It is essential to discern who is standing for America and who is not.

Globalization – Ulterior Motives

Some extremely wealthy souls in this world, and some in America, think we should reignite socialism. Now they are calling it globalization. That is what connivers do; they rename things; package them a little different, and say it is a whole new idea. Be for real. America is about progress; not oppressive regression. We are through with the slave mentality.

The new world order; globalization; or what ever they choose to call it next; that is not what the Citizens of the various nations need to grow; nor do they want it. But what do the globalists want?

  1. To eventually eliminate independent sovereign nations.
  2. To eventually eliminate individual rights.
  3. To eventually eliminate personal freedom.
  4. To eventually eliminate personal property.
  5. To eventually eliminate independent thinking.

They want us to forget our heritage; our customs; our beliefs and our way of life. Who do these scoundrels think they are, anyway?

We are expected to become one big happy worldwide family. Nice thought for sure; but you can not force people to love and accept, who and what they do not want to; it does not work that way with any degree of reasonable effectiveness.

The cultures and lifestyles among the various nations are very different and often conflicting. True change can only take place within a willing heart.

Forced submission, which is aggressively at work around the world, will never produce genuine peace, authentic acceptance, fairness or respect; it will only antagonize revenge, spite and hatred.

How many times did you fall for a line that was promising you great things if you just went along with it? Then in a matter of time, you found out it was close to the opposite of what you were originally told? Many circumstances in our current times are no different. Someone may paint a pretty picture; but if the fumes of the paint are poisonous, it could ruin your health; your well being and maybe even kill you.

Globalization? You can have a bad cold and still smell the stench of it.

We can not allow greedy manipulative control freaks to take advantage of our endearing generosity and patience. We must stand our own ground and not give in.

Blind Sighted

Not the “powers that be”, but the “forces that are” have us so focused; so entranced on the problems and difficulties taking place around us; that we have become blind-sighted to the many solutions that can clearly get us back to where we need to be financially as individuals, communities and as nations. We have been pushed to such an extreme, that we are failing to realize and see that every necessary solution is right in front of our face.

Too often we belittle our own talents and abilities, and the talents and abilities of others. It is incredible to realize how much each of us is capable of accomplishing when we give ourselves and each other a fair and honest chance.

When you refuse to utilize the many skills you have, and the skills you can develop; it is a disservice to your self, your family, this nation and the world. You can not afford to be manipulated in such unrealistic ways.

The Real Shocker

It is shocking to see so many Americans obsessed with entertainment while all this turmoil is going on; while America is financially losing it. It is like; don’t bother me with the economic disaster we’re in.

It is like we are mesmerized; in some strange trance.

It is like the dire strait realities that are taking place all around us are not even registering; at least not at a deep enough level to where we are getting up and taking serious measures to analyze, stop and correct it all.

Why are We Americans Allowing our Own Demise?

  1. 1st it was the final removal of silver backing from our currency in the mid 1960s. Now we have a currency that is based on debt instead of value.
  2. Then it was the confiscation of the family farms in the later 60s and 70s. Now we have commercialized mega farms; mostly owned by huge conglomerates, which were conveniently able to purchase these farms for pennies on the dollar.
  3. Then it was our small commercial businesses that took the next big hit; especially in our smaller communities. Now we have mega, super centers and chain businesses owned by huge conglomerates and a few wealthy families.
  4. Then it was our local industrial factories and manufacturing plants and services jobs. American big businesses took them across our southern border and overseas, with the approval and endorsement of our politicians and other high ranking bureaucrats through destructive trade agreements.
  5. We continue to lose jobs in every sector; tens of thousands of jobs a week in 2009.
  6. Now many of us are losing our homes and other small and medium sized businesses because of corrupt activities in high places.
  7. Now many of us are losing our money, savings and future prosperity through out-of-control taxation and corrupt monetary policies and procedures. All this, while our debt is relentlessly increasing into the tens of trillions of dollars.

Is it all getting so far out of control, that it is getting difficult to wrap your brain around it? If you feel that way; you are allowing intimidation to cloud your thinking; you are making yourself putty in the hands of manipulators. That is not the place you want to put yourself.

Look at the tumbling dominoes effect that became extremely aggressive since the early 60s.

How can anyone wonder why we have escalating debt and a failing economy? Do you want to know how to tear apart and destroy a nation? Look around you. You are living it.

A reversal of the 7 steps of deterioration mentioned above need to quickly and carefully be initiated.

Pass the Buck

  1. America is still a very young nation.
  2. We still have everything going for us.
  3. Big money players are intensely watching, hoping we will not call their bluff.
  4. Are we going to fall for it?
  5. Are we going to plead for mercy; that they save us from our misery? That they rescue us from their own meditated, planned and conniving schemes?
  6. Or are we going to get up and do everything that is necessary to bring our own condition and situations back to normalcy?

Your decision will determine the direction of this nation, and influence decisions around the world. Yes, your personal decisions do make a big difference, regardless if others try to convince you otherwise.

If we allow ourselves to be divided, we will certainly fall. If we fall too far, we may not have the strength to get back up to an acceptable level. America would not be the first prosperous nation to get bumped off. The decision is yours for that to happen. The old saying can take place only if we let it: You made your bed; now sleep in it.

If we do not all unite, and work at fixing our current predicaments together, it is a matter of time before we will not be able to recognize America for what it has been. That would be a disgrace our children and the rest of this world in no way deserve. If it happens; you will be personally held accountable if you like it or not.

Living in America is a work driven experience; not a government handout at the tax payer’s expense.

As we initiate the steps presented in this document, and many other constructive ideas that are coming forth, it will not take that long to regain much of what we forfeited for whatever reasons; either through manipulation; through complacency; through willing servitude, or whatever we allowed to get in the way of responsibility, decency and common sense.

  1. Globalization is not the answer. Getting back to taking care of our own local communities is.
  2. Big government and special interests are not the answer. Taking control of our individual lives, our own money and our own direction is.
  3. Big business is not the answer. Building up our own towns and cities with locally owned and operated businesses is.

Grand Opportunity

  1. It is time to look at our current condition as the greatest opportunity this nation has ever been given to succeed.
  2. We have intelligent, resourceful Citizens; awesome technology; a nation that is well established, and almost limitless opportunities to take this nation to the next level of success and goodwill.
  3. It is a great opportunity to give America a fresh and encouraging outlook for the future; by coming out of this mess: stronger, wiser, more caring and knit together as a nation; like we have not experienced in a very long time.
  4. It is time to take a deep breath, and do what needs to be done for the benefit of ourselves, our families, our neighbors and future generations.

Who Says These Things can not be Done?

If anyone says the proposals in this document can not be fulfilled; either they do not understand the American spirit; or they are working hard to destroy it. Either way, it is time to take an active role in restoring this awesome country we call the U. S. of A.

This quote was sent in an email – it has shown itself to be accurate: “Much of the social history of the western world over the past three decades has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good.” Thomas Sowell

It is definitely time to get back to what works; and blend them with the advancements of our modern times.

It is Time to Take a Stand

Some are Up

  1. Many Americans are not doing that bad yet.
  2. Many people are building up their savings accounts.
  3. Many people are paying down their debt.
  4. These accomplishments are good news.

Some are Down

  1. Many Americans have lost their jobs; we must aggressively move forward to stop the current downward spiral.
  2. General purchases are down; but that is because most Americans already have so much.
  3. People who overextended themselves are certainly feeling the pinch; if not an open wound.
  4. Many people assumed prosperity would grow without a hitch; that is what government, many business leaders, the media and many commercials were telling us.
  5. Many people forgot the basic fundamental principle of living within your means.
  6. Many people do not make a living wage; even families where both parents are working. Most single parents are really struggling. These families have been struggling to make ends meet for too long.
  7. Many people continue to blindly believe the talking heads of our day, just because they have fancy titles in front of their name, numerous letters after their name or a lot of zeros in their bank account. We are rapidly and clearly finding out there are no, know-it-alls, among us.

There is no sound reason for a nation with so much intelligence and talent to find itself in its present condition as America now is.


  1. Many Americans would start spending again, but we are not pleased with the corruption taking place in government and with the Federal Reserve.
  2. We are uncertain how much more money the government and Federal Reserve are going to try to siphon from us for their special interests and America destroying bailouts.
  3. Banks refuse to tell us what their true financial condition is. No matter what it is; together, we can fix it; that is what we do. Americans figure out ways to work things out.


The Buck Stops Here – It is Time to Grow from what We Learned

It is wise to learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others, and not forget them. Mistakes are not to be dwelt on, nor are we to point fingers at those who were irresponsible. When laws are broken, we need to direct the law breakers to the nearest courthouse; the courts are to determine proper judgment.

  1. It is not a time to look back and complain.
  2. It is time to look forward and say, what can I do to help?
  3. It is time to turn off the tv; get to the kitchen table, and figure out how to get our families, communities, states and nation back on our feet. Together we can do this; we are not that far off yet. The American spirit is very much alive, regardless of all the negativity from the imbalanced media, and those that want to destroy what America has been for over 200 years.

Just Get Started

You Have What It Takes

  1. It is time for competent, responsible and honest individuals like your self, to stand up and be heard.
  2. It is time to look forward, and let our heartaches and breakthroughs teach us well.
  3. It is time to let our learning in the school of hard knocks blend with our modern technology to bring us into a better life experience.
  4. It is time to step forward as a wiser, more gracious and understanding people.

Stand Up

  1. It is time to move into this next decade with a renewed and energized American spirit.
  2. It is time to reenergize our American economy.
  3. It is time to respectfully smile at your neighbor, and desire for them health and prosperity.
  4. It is a time to lend a personal helping hand every chance you have to your neighbor; here and abroad.
  5. It is time for every American Citizen to realize that each of us has an integral part in advancing this nation in uplifting and constructive ways; to bring back our nation into a positive and productive direction.

Together, we are an incredibly inventive, imaginative, able, highly educated, hard working and good hearted people. We have all the necessary ingredients to keep producing a well organized and successful nation – this has not changed since the first settlers landed in America.

We simply have too many people in leadership roles that are not true and genuine leaders.

  1. That is a major reason we currently have a flawed system.
  2. That is why it is time for all of us to step into action; get refocused; and get this nation back on track.
  3. It is time to simply do what needs to be done, and not expect someone else to do it for you.

The Mind and its Far Reaching Capacity for Goodwill and Virtue

We all have lives to live; families to raise and to take care of; people to befriend, and a world that needs to be properly tended to.

We have a God that Loves us more than anyone realizes; it is time we show Him the same respect He has shown us.

He has given us a totally awesome gift: the mind.

You have been given the ability to discern between:

You have been given the capacity:

  1. To think for yourself.
  2. To reason things out.
  3. To love and to accept love.

You have been given a free will and a conscience.

Many of us have been mistreated some where along life’s path. It is time to come to terms with unpleasant pasts, and look at your future in a whole, new, fresh and invigorating way.

We have the capacity to graciously benefit each other, and to watch out for one another. Let us be genuine friends to one another and drop the hypocrisy.

Answer the Call

The mind is an incredibly sophisticated and intricate creation that has the capacity to do far more than you are challenging it to do.

Hollywood can degrade your senses, reduce your intellectual capacity and cripple your ability to judge between right and wrong if you watch too much of it. Be careful what you subject your precious mind to; it conforms to what you feed it more than you may realize; more so at a subconscious level. Be very, very careful. We are living in a time of complex programming.


We can be prudent by:

These are the basics for fundamental stewardship of our planet.

Much can be Done When We Work Together

Together we can get through these tough times that have been, to a great extent, shoved down our throats. We had a chance to stand up when times were better, but most of us did not. Now we have to stand and work through this mess at a more complicated level.

The challenges before us are not as difficult or complicated as we sometimes want to make them seem. Unfamiliar territories can sometimes seem intimidating. Often it is simply taking a stand for what is right, and step out; one step at a time, and keep pressing forward.

Ongoing and Business Proposal

The information contained in this document is ongoing. This website will be further constructed into a meeting place where we can build on what has been presented. It will develop into a community site where all of us can pitch in and help. Together is the best way to work our way out of the difficult times in which we find ourselves.
This site will not be democratic or republican; but it will be more conservative than liberal. America is all about freedom and work; not a free lunch.

Your contributions will be absolutely necessary and welcomed in developing:

  1. The future of this site.
  2. The future of our families.
  3. The future of our communities.
  4. The future of this nation.
  5. The future of this earth.
  6. Your personal future destiny.

Memory Lane

Since multi-nationals, big banks and chain businesses have been gaining more control; we have been losing the life that worked so very well for many years.

Depending on your age, it was not that long ago when America was a more enjoyable and fun place to live; a time when the nation was growing at a healthy, manageable pace. We did not feel a big need for Wall Street and big banks. The new world order/globalization was not even a consideration; nor should it be now.

It has been sad that many foreign governments were, and continue to suppress their people. The people are not willing to stand up together and demand that freedom reigns among them. Giving in to intimidation does not stimulate growth or freedom.

We can choose to return to some of those important, simple, basic, valued and fun times again; even in this modern age. When every one of us pitches in what we can; when we choose to work together; we will be successful at correcting the problems we all had a part in bringing upon ourselves.

When everyone pitches in their fair share, it is surprising how little it actually takes from each of us to accomplish the big tasks we are facing. It is imperative we respect the blood of those who have gone before us, in giving their lives for the freedom we now hold in the balance.

The plans and strategies presented in this document, and the ongoing growth of this website are to rekindle some of those older treasures of living; and to blend them with the advancements we have made since then. But this is all for the common interests of all Americans; not just those who consider themselves more important than the rest of us.

  1. In America, we have the right and authority to stand up for ourselves and our American heritage.
  2. In America, there may not be a war going on with guns, tanks and missiles; but there is a war going on to strip us of our friendly communities, our property, our wealth and our freedom.

It is time to peaceably take back and rebuild America for our sake, and for the sake of our children and future generations; to assure independence with much vigor.

  1. This is still the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.
  2. It is time for the brave to stand up and get to work to restore what has been compromised.

Machines, computers and cell phones do so much for us today. We must be very careful and limit our use of machines; we must keep in tact the use of thinking for ourselves; regardless how tempting it may be to become too lackadaisical. It is important to be aware of the digital age of programming.

Two Websites – Two Purposes

This website is for American action. There is another site that will be built and focus on business. The business site will also cover Constitutional Law and how financing and money work; now, and when we had mineral backed currency.

A business platform is also in the works. It has the potential to be a tremendous boost for the economical condition in which many Americans find themselves. It invites a teamwork philosophy, along with some of the ideas, plans and principles presented in this document. Your participation is your choice; your help is needed to make it work. Information is forthcoming. Check back to this website for updates.

  1. Come on fellow Americans; let us get realistic.
  2. Together we can put so many ideas, plans and strategies on the table; that there will be a surge in new local businesses like this generation has never experienced.
  3. It is time to dig inside yourself, and bring those inner talents, abilities and skills to the surface.


Mr. Joe  –  an American Citizen who still believes every individual voice matters; and that every individual person can make an important and beneficial difference on this planet we call earth.

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